The raw materials for the KAMITSUREN skin care series are natural or naturally derived. All products contain chamomile extract and do not contain any synthetic fragrances, colorings, preservatives or mineral oils. We continue to adhere to the manufacturing method of "no extra ingredients added" so that everyone from babies to the elderly can use it with peace of mind regardless of age or gender.

Queen of herbs, German Chamomile

Kamitsure is the Japanese name for German Chamomile, which is called the Queen of Herbs and has been popular as a medicinal herb for over 4000 years. Its effect on the skin is well known in Europe, where phytotherapy is popular. It has been used as skin care for a long time because it moisturizes the skin with its excellent moisturizing power and relieves skin problems such as dryness, eczema, and heat rash.

Kamitsuren baby products contain German Chamomile extract and moisturize baby's skin and adult's delicate skin with the moisturizing power of Chamomile.
We hope that our products make baby and the whole family feel at ease and comfortable.

Our own strict product development standards from the cultivation of raw materials.

Our products contain a high concentration of chamomile extract that produced by our own method in Japan .
We use organic ingredients as much as possible.
We use renewable and sustainable plant materials that do not destroy the ecosystem.
Preservatives use plant extracts and fermented ethanol.
We choose the simplest manufacturing method that is environmentally friendly.

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